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On November 7-8, 2012, a Roundtable Conference entitled “IPM & Organic: Bridging the Gap, Finding Common Ground, Envisioning the Future,” organized by Red Tomato with financial and technical support from the Northeastern IPM Center, gathered national leaders from organic and IPM communities. These two groups share broadly overlapping interests in environmentally conscious food production, yet few opportunities exist for cross-pollination of ideas among them. Conference attendees discussed possible ways that organic and IPM could constructively work together and synergize to meet the demands of 21st century food production.

This Working Group is intended to build on the foundations of the November Roundtable Conference, with the overarching goal of continuing to facilitate discussion and collaboration between organic and IPM leaders. The group, now comprised of over sixty individuals from around the country, welcomes a diverse membership of experts from such fields as agronomy, entomology, plant pathology, marketing and communications, which enables a multifaceted, transdisciplinary approach to sustainable agriculture.

Collaboration between IPM and organic will ultimately help to increase food security and reduce environmental degradation by optimizing the contributions of both approaches to improve the sustainability of our agricultural systems.

The Organic and IPM Working Group received startup funds from IR-4 in 2013. Currently, our work is supported by the North Central IPM Center through the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, NC IPM Center projects AG 2012-51120-20252 and AG 2014-70006-22486.


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