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Working Group Events at the IPM Symposium

From March 23rd through the 26th pest management professionals from around the globe gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah for the 8th International IPM Symposium. To further the working group’s mission of improving relationships and understanding among organic and IPM communities and identifying and pursuing outcomes that benefit practitioners and the public, the working group organized an in-person meeting of working group members and two Symposium sessions entitled “Synergizing Organic and IPM”.

Eleven working group members attended the in-person meeting at the Symposium held over the lunch period on March 25, 2015. The proceedings began with a brief summary of the history of the working group and a reminder of the current objectives. Then, a brief summary of the ongoing effort to produce the Organic and IPM White Paper was given. Finally, a review of the recent results of a working group-wide priority ranking survey was revealed and discussed. Click here to view a copy of the handout with information on each of these three topics that members received during the meeting. To view the notes from the discussion at the meeting please visit our meeting notes page.

Later that same afternoon, the Organic and IPM Working Group organized two Symposium sessions. Four working group members presented materials on the history and purpose of the working group along with some of the information from the in-progress Organic and IPM White Paper on the market environment for IPM and organic and possible areas for collaboration and cooperation moving forward. The titles of the four presentations were:

Click through to find copies of the slides they used in their presentations!

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