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USDA 2014 Organic Producer Survey Underway

The National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) has mailed its 2014 Organic Producer Survey to organic producers nationwide. Participation is mandatory, and the data is crucial to developing agriculture-related programs that directly affect the life and communities of growers. Responses are due by mail by February 13, 2015 or online by April 3, 2015. NASS has a variety of easy-to-use publicity materials at

Here you will find:

  • FAQs to help answer questions, use in newsletters, incorporate into tweets, etc.
  • Drop-in ads, including a full-page ad that can double as a handout; or ads to post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Website buttons and banners to post on your website and link to the Organic Survey page.
  • You can also find a sample of the report form in case you are wondering what the final survey looks like!

Stay tuned for additional information as the survey progresses, including news releases and a webinar.

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